Heavy Civil/Site Utilities Capabilities:

Our Heavy Division department was established in the late 1990’s. Currently, we perform an average of $12.5 million in annual sales with a focus on water lines, gas lines, sewer lines, electric conduit, and electrical transmission lines. We have a tremendous amount of experience in excavation and shoring, large-diameter pipe installation, depths in excess of 20-feet, and most importantly, safety.

Our team consists of pipe and restoration crews that perform the majority of our concrete and asphalt restoration, curb and sidewalk installation, and landscape restoration. We also employ a full-time safety director who is available at any time should a unique situation arise as well as a full-time scheduler. We are also a union contractor, which provides us with an unlimited amount of skilled craftspeople.

Our set of procedures ensure quality management and production. We take pride in our service, workmanship, safety record, planning and dedication, and are committed to delivering a quality project to the owner.

Featured Project:

Duquesne Light Z48 & Z86 Under Parkway Relocation

Furnish supervision, labor, tools, materials, and equipment to relocate and install approximately 1000-linear feet of 8 ” HPFF (high pressure fluid filled) pipe within a concrete pipe containment structure in an existing utility tunnel on 2nd Avenue.

Prime General Contractor


Pittsburgh, PA

Additional Projects

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PWSA 2014 Waterline Relay
DLCO. Brady 2B-Z71 Cable & Oil Removal
DLCO. Brady 2B Manhole Modifications
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Equitable Gas 2013 Cast Iron Gas line Replacement
Squirrel Hill Tunnel Rehabilitation
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